Dist the Rose (charmingpet) wrote,
Dist the Rose

*Dream* 003

[[OOC: Backdated to while Dist was still in Ion's body!]]

Even in his dreams, Dist found himself in the body of the Fon Master replica. He was on his hands and knees, scrubbing at the floor furiously with a large brush. His clothes were dirty rags, and his body was filthy to match. He stopped every few moments to dip his brush in to the bucket next to him, which was filled with soapy scum water.

It was fairly degrading for a Fon Master to be dressed in such a way doing chores, but that was all being a Fon Master really meant under Mohs' authority. Grand Maestro Mohs ran the Order of Lorelei, even if he was supposed to be a subordinate. As a replica and not the original, little Fon Master Dist had no real authority and allowed Mohs to walk all over him.

Of course, he didn't remember Mohs ever ordering the Fon Master to clean floors as that'd be a bit too brazen, but apparently he was doing it that very moment as he watched the Fon Master Dist scrub the floor. Perhaps it was meant to be symbolic? Whatever the case, Mohs was obviously enjoying himself.

"Hurry it up!" Mohs said, with a nasty little smile. "We can't have our guests seeing you like this."

"Bleh," Dist pouted openly.

"I said hurry it up!" Mohs snapped, before he kicked the bucket so that the water splashed on the little 'replica'.

Dist-Ion was about to comply when he stopped and blinked. Glancing down at the bucket, then his wet clothes before fixing Mohs with a stare. "..."

"If you don't-!" Mohs began, then yelped as the little 'replica' suddenly swung the bucket around, smashing it upside his face. The Grand Maestro cried out before falling in a crumbled heap, face bloody and missing most of his teeth.

Without missing a beat, the little Dist-Ion ran over to Mohs and proceeded to beat him with the bucket.

"Muuuuuukiiiiiii, you ugly little worm!" Dist-Ion shrieked as he wailed down the Grand Maestro with his bucket. "I'm - the - Lorelei - damned - Fon Master! Don't you sneer down at me!"

Dist-Ion then threw down the bucket before standing on Mohs' inert body, laughing as he crossed his arms. "I'm taking over, as the rightful Fon Master! And for my first order of business, we're redecorating all of Daath! Pink and purple for everyone!"


Dist-Ion stopped and turned to see Jade standing nearby, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose. "And this is why you'd make a most rotten Fon Master, Dist."

"J-Jade?" Dist-Ion muttered before his eyes widened to see his body standing near Jade, with a bright smile. "You!"

"I suppose it's not my problem. Whatever the case, I like this other Dist much better," Jade said as he suddenly held up a pink leash, which was attached to a collar around his body. "He's a much more obedient pet."

"You... you!" Dist-Ion flailed before pointing at Jade. "You can't replace me with that replica! I won't allow it!"

"Ioooon!" Anise suddenly appeared to cling to the Dist standing by Jade. "Now that you're rich and have all of Dist's money, can you marry me~?"

"It seems everyone prefers this Dist over you." Jade said, lightly.

Dist-Ion twitched, then grabbed 'his' hair and yanked it. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


Dist-Ion jerked awake with a start, gasping as he trembled. "...N-no way... there's no way they'd replace me with him! I... I will get my body back!"

The little 'replica' slammed his fists down on the bed, to either side of him. "If anyone's going to be Dist the Rose, it's going to be me!"
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