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*Dream* 004

[[OOC: When I refer to 'Little (Name)', it's the rappig and so imagine the character as basically a chibi of that character with rappig features, such as fur, ears, and tail!]]

Little Saphir awoke with a yawn, groggily lifting his head as he peeked out from underneath Peony's blanket. He arched his back as he stretched, where even his cute little rappig ears stretched out. Glancing around, he noticed the emperor fast asleep on his bed, sprawled out on the top and covered in rappigs. This was naturally Peony's favorite way to nap, and the rappigs liked it too.

Little Nephry was cuddled against Peony's chest, while Little Nebilim was at his feet. Little Luke and Little Aslan took up against Peony's side, stretched completely out.

Naturally, this only left Little Jade...

Little Jade stared at Little Saphir from perch atop Peony's head. The dark rappig's eyes seemed to burn into Little Saphir as they took in every movement of the lighter colored rappig.

Little Saphir's ears canted back as he stared at Little Jade, then rather quickly ducked back under the blanket. Tunneling around, he 'sneakily' went around Peony before arriving at the foot of the bed. He then rather unceremoniously dropped to the floor, landing on his bottom with a squeal.

Little Nebilim made a curious oink as she peered over the edge of the bed at Little Saphir. She was the closest one when he squealed so she was roused from her slumber prematurely.

Little Jade, however, simply watched Little Saphir with that same intense gaze.

Little Saphir looked up at the others, then oinked before quickly scurrying across the room towards the slightly ajar door. Obviously one of the maids left it open again, and so the rappig took advantage of it as they always did. He forced it open the rest of the way with his body, then hurried out in to the hall.

Once out of the room and out of Little Jade's gaze, Little Saphir calmed down enough that he could casually walk through the hallways. He oinked at the servants as he passed, heading towards the kitchen.

After all, cute little rappigs need cute little snacks, too!

Little Saphir headed right for the royal pantry, opening it up before peering inside. Now, what did the staff leave down low, perfect for a little rappig to scrounge?

A sigh came from behind Little Saphir so suddenly that the little rappig jumped. He then squealed in alarm and flailed his tiny hooves as a pair of large hands plucked him from the floor and away from his rightfully earned snack.

"His Majesty really needs to learn to keep his bedroom door shut."

Little Saphir squealed and flailed about before he paused and glanced over his shoulder to stare at his horrible captor. "Eee?"

If it wasn't one Jade giving Little Saphir grief it was another. The human holding the rappig away from his well deserved snack was none other than Colonel Jade Curtiss, the one who Little Jade had been named after. The red-eyed human gave Little Saphir an unreadable gaze that lacked the same intensity of Little Jade.

Little Saphir pricked his ears as he stared up at Jade, then tilted his head to the side. Depending on the person, it was either an adorable look or a particularly stupid one.

A smile appeared on Jade's face, though it was hard to tell whether or not it had anything to do with the little rappig. "It's a pity," he said with inappropriate amounts of cheer. "If I thought it'd teach His Majesty a lesson I'd lock you up in the pantry for a few hours and let him believe you were going to be tonight's main dish."

Little Saphir squeaked at that before he flailed around, squealing in distress. Jade may have been kidding, or he may not have been. Whatever the case, he knew Jade was just going to pick on him and thus it was time to panic!

It was at that moment that Jade flinched to the point that he nearly dropped Little Saphir. The colonel looked down to see Little Jade standing at his feet. The dark rappig had dug his dull teeth into the man's leg. The action was more startling than anything else, as Jade's boots certainly were durable enough to handle a bite from a rappig.

"Goodness," Jade sighed. "At this rate His Majesty is going to send us on another errand."

Little Saphir continued to flail and squeal, even moreso now that both Jades had arrived to torment him. It was time for tag-team torture, and thus time for even more panic!

Jade readjusted his hold on Little Saphir so that the flailing rappig was tucked under one arm. With the other free he quickly snatched up Little Jade so that he could carry both back to Emperor Peony's bedroom.

Little Saphir finally slumped forward, his arms and legs dangling usefully. His ears drooped as his eyes watered, sniffling pathetically. Two Jades and no snack? It's just not fair!

Surprisingly Little Jade didn't put up any sort of struggle as he was carried away. It was when they reached Peony's bedroom that he made his move.

Jade stood stock still for a moment before he gave Little Jade a look that bordered on irritation. When the moment passed he sighed and dropped both rappigs into the bedroom before slamming the door shut loudly enough to disturb the slumbering rappigs and their master.

Little Saphir squeaked as he was dropped and turned to stare at the door, then Little Jade. "...What did you do?"

Little Jade regarded Little Saphir for a moment before a smile appeared on his face. "I peed on him of course."


Dist woke with a start and blinked repeatedly before he started to snicker. As embarrassing as the dream was, the idea of Jade being urinated on by a rappig was just too funny to ignore. "Heehee..."

[[OOC: Yes, totally in honor of Peony's arrival.]]
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