Dist the Rose (charmingpet) wrote,
Dist the Rose

*Dream* 005

[[OOC: Turn on cc to see the subtitles for the song!]]

[[OOC: In order of appearance...

Warrior of Light - Jade

Firion - Sync
Bartz - Guy
Chocobos = Original Ion leading a herd of Ion replicas
Terra - Nephry

Cloud - Luke
Sephiroth - Van

Garland - Peony
Squall - Asch
Kefka - Grell

The Emperor - Dist
Cloud of Darkness - Washu
Ultimecia - Rita
ExDeath - Tokunaga

Kuja - Anise

Onion Knight - Ion
Tidas - Legretta
Zidane - Arietta
Cecil - Natalia
Jecht - Largo
Golbez - Cantabile
Shantotto - Mieu
Cosmos - Tear
Gabranth - Van, final form
Chaos - Mohs
Vaan - Nebilim

These are who you 'see' in place of what's in the video~!]]

Dist woke up with a gasp, blinking before he frowned. He quickly smelled his armpits and determined that he was indeed not all sweaty and stinky. With this settled, he then huffed. "...W-why would I want to get enormous muscles!?"
Tags: dream, ic
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