Dist the Rose (charmingpet) wrote,
Dist the Rose

*Video Post* 002

[[OOC: Hunger post!]]

The Dreamberry cuts on to a strange scene of Dist in his room. The room is filled to the brim with clothes, stuffed toys, and other sewing craft projects. Needles and thread are scattered across the floor, along with scraps of fabric both big and small.

Clothes of all shapes and sizes are draped along the furniture, each more gaudy and decorative than the last with frills and ribbons all over. The stuffed toys appear to be of random animals such as rappigs and cheagles but also everyone Dist has ever known, from both Auldrant and Somarium. Jade, Peony, Nephry, Anise, and even Rita and Grell (in saucy short pants) sit about the room, staring right at Dist's hunched back with their beady eyes. It's an entire audience of fabric replicas, all watching the fontechnician with blank expressions.

Dist sits at the center of this pandemonium, his hands shaking as he's weaving a thread and needle through a single fabric square. He pauses before glancing over to the Dreamberry, a rather desperate glint in his eyes.

Dropping the fabric and needle, he reaches over to the Dreamberry and holds it tight, as if he were about to strangle the life out of it.

"Need... more... FABRIC!"
Tags: hunger event, ic, video
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